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Brew Hauler Gear

Brew Hauler

The Original Brew Hauler!

Our patented design makes moving a fully-fermenting 5–7 gallon carboy easier to move than other carboy devices. Not only is it safer – helping reduce the chance of dropping & breaking your heavy carboy – but it also helps reduce jostling of your beloved homebrew in the process.

Our materials are washable and bleach resistant, making cleanup a breeze.

Our clasp design makes adding and removing the Brew Hauler incredibly quick and simple. Once secured around your carboy, it only needs to be removed should you choose to clean it.


Brew Hauler Mini

Our Brew Hauler Mini is just the ticket for hauling your growler. Sling it over your shoulder, and you're ready to go.


***Please Beware***
Inferior products are being sold under the Brew Hauler name. Remember, if it doesn’t say “Brew Hauler”, it’s NOT a Brew Hauler!

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